Welcome to R-400 Road Closure Insurance

£400 each time one of your commercial vehicles gets delayed for more than 2 hours

Until NOW, the Insurance Industry hasn’t recognised the huge cost to your business when your commercial vehicles are delayed on Britain’s roads for hours on end

R-400 costs just £100 per vehicle per year: It’s the same price for all sizes, ages and classes of vehicles.

(includes Insurance Premium Tax- Excludes £5 admin charge per registration, substitution or alteration)

Our R-400 road closure insurance policy will pay your business £400 each time the police or national highways agencies close all the lanes on a motorway or major route for more than 2 hours should one or some of your vehicles get caught up in that closure

*Applies to the Strategic Road Network (SRN) in England, Wales and Scotland. Terms and conditions apply.


each time one of your commercial

vehicles gets delayed for more than 2 hours

Need to make a claim?

It’s really easy. Just follow the five steps below.
Once we approve your claim, the £400 compensation will be paid into your bank account within 10 working days


Tell us which of your vehicles found itself in a road closure

for more than 2 hours – just enter the registration number.


Tell us the date and the approximate location and time

the vehicle first became stationary.


Upload the data from the vehicles GPS system to match the date, time and location

of the vehicle as well as the duration the vehicle was stationary.


Enter your bank details


Submit the claim

Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your R-400 queries

  • How many vehicles can I register?
    • You can register as many vehicles as you choose but remember each vehicle must have a hard wired GPS system built into the cab.
    • You must be able to provide hard copy evidence of where the vehicle was in the event of you making a claim.
  • How much does it cost?
    • The premium for each vehicle is £100 including Insurance Premium Tax plus a £5 admin fee per vehicle.
  • Which roads are covered by R-400?
    • All the roads that fall under the Strategic Route Networks (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/roads-managed-by-highways-england) in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Can I use data from the vehicle’s tachograph to make a claim?
    • No – It has to be from the GPS System from the vehicle. You may be asked to provide further information from the Tachograph but the information from the Tachograph alone will not be sufficient.
  • When do I have to claim by?
    • All claims must be received within 30 days of the road closure for which you are making a claim. We cannot accept claims after 30 days.
  • How quickly will I receive my £400 compensation?
    • Providing that your information matches our records, you will receive your compensation in no more than 10 working days. The payment will be in full and final settlement. The payment will be sent directly to your Company bank account. No other forms of payment can be made.
  • What happens if I sell a vehicle?
    • Simply remove it from your account – There will be an admin fee of £5.
  • How often can I claim?
    • You can claim a maximum of 5 times for each vehicle in a year.
  • What happens if I buy a vehicle?
    • Simply add it to your account, pay the annual premium of £100 and the admin fee of £5.
  • What happens if I rent a vehicle for a short period?
    • You can only register vehicles that you are the registered keeper of and the V5 shows your Company as that registered keeper.
  • Does the vehicle have to be stationary for at least 2 hours?
    • The vehicle must be held in an all lane closure under the instructions of the highways agency or police for two hours or more as evidenced by the GPS system data.
  • What happens if I can’t provide hard copy from the GPS system?
    • We won’t be able to accept and pay your claim.
  • If the road is shut due to protesters, can I still claim?
    • No. That isn’t an official closure by the Police or Highways Agency.

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