£400 compensation

each time one of your commercial vehicles1 gets delayed for more than 2 hours

  • Until NOW Businesses that run commercial vehicle fleets large or small have been unable to claim financial compensation for the cost to their business of a road2 being closed unexpectedly and the turmoil that brings to your delivery and collection schedules. Now you can.
  • Our R-400 road closure compensation policy will pay your Business £400 each time2 the Police or The Highways Agency close all the lanes on a motorway or major route3 for more than 2 hours should one or some of your vehicles get caught up in that closure
  • Vehicles that are caught up in sudden road closures cost operators money: money that they can not afford to lose so our R-400 policy goes some way to compensate for those unexpected extra costs. The extra fuel, the extra drivers hours, an extra night out – all costing your business money through no fault of your own
  • Signing up to R400 is quick and simple. It costs £1004 per vehicle per year. Our only conditions are any vehicles you register must have a inbuilt GPS tracking system and your Business must have an current DVSA Operator’s Licence
  • To register you simply upload the details of each vehicle, pay the invoice and you’re on cover

1 Must be 7.49t gvw or more

2 Terms and conditions apply. Only 5 claims per vehicle per year

3 part of the SRN network in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland

4 Plus £5 per vehicle registration fee